A Swing and a Miss

Recently I took the plunge and read my first ever graphic novel. Until this year, graphic novels had not been on my reading radar. I know that my high school library had them because some of my classmates loved them, but I never hopped on board. I was (and am) more into the likes of […]

Common Sense

This afternoon I had the pleasure of watching two incredible TED Talks. They were not memorable because of their humor (although I’m fairly certain I earned a few odd looks from laughing out loud while watching in the library), nor for their spot-on deliveries. What made these two TED Talks stand out to me were […]


I am just going to come right out and say it— I am very nervous to “grade” as a teacher. I wrote a little bit about my own history with grading in my first blog post of the semester entitled The Battle of Assessment & Why I Will Be Fighting Back, but as I’ve mulled over […]

Walking Tacos and a Vision

This past weekend I went home to visit my family. On Friday night, I watched my brother play football. Before the game, the Booster Club was putting on a Walking Taco feed. As I sat with my mom in the student center, Doritos bag in hand, I began to talk her ear off. Sometimes when […]


My senior year of high school I wrote about a million scholarship essays. In nearly every single one I was asked to describe what I was planning to major in at college and why. Each time I would type out an answer describing how I was planning to major in secondary English education because I […]

Rule 24, Now and Before

I know I’ve said it 852 times, but I cannot sing her praises enough. My high school English teacher was the best teacher I’ve ever had the pleasure to learn under throughout my entire educational career. Since I’ve come to college to pursue my own career path in English, the great professors and classes I’ve […]

Dear Students, Dear Parents

Dear Students (and Parents too!), Hello! 😀 My name is Ms. Jess, and I am going to have the pleasure of teaching English during the upcoming school year. As of last spring, I am the proud holder of a bachelor’s degree in secondary English education along with a coaching endorsement in volleyball, basketball, and track […]

“Teach the Writer, Not the Writing”

When I was in the 8th grade I was “dating” a guy (oh, junior high) who came from a strong science and math background. His dad played football for Colorado School of Mines, his mom played basketball for Colorado school of Mines, and it was his dream to earn an engineering degree from Colorado School […]

Writing Workshops & Gastrointestinal Bliss

College has been an era of firsts for me. First time failing a quiz, first time creating a budget, first time eating both a Subway sandwich and McDonald’s french fries for the same dinner, and first time being exposed to a writing workshop. Though a part of me might argue that the Subway and McDonald’s […]