Some Final Words (Blog #20)

Taking special methods has had a profound impact on my career as an undergraduate student. This is my fifth semester of college (seventh if you count summer courses). I have learned so much during my time as a secondary language arts major. However, this is the first semester that I have actually been provided with […]

Clearing the Way: Working with Teenage Writers by Tom Romano, A Review (Professional Development Book #2, Blog #17)

It is no secret that I admire the teachings of Tom Romano. It all started when we were handed an excerpt from Clearing the Way: Working with Teenage Writers that chronicled Romano’s work with a student by the name of Dwayne. As Romano worked with him, Dwayne wrote and then continually revised three separate pieces […]

NCTE17 Stop Grading, Start Reflecting: Empower Your Students to Evaluate Their Own Learning Session Review (Blog #13)

The penultimate (one of my all-time favorite words) session I attended at NCTE was good. Perhaps not outstanding, but good. The presenting team consisted of three teachers who all taught English in Boulder, Colorado. My family has ties to CSU so maybe I’m a little biased… just kidding. 😊 This group started their demonstration off […]