But Jess, why is your life Joyous?

Thank you for clicking on over here to find out! Like mentioned at the bottom of this page, I am a Jesus following, fam loving, friendship cherishing, book devouring, television fangirling, food savoring, English education majoring gal. While all of these fun attributes help describe who I am as a person, the one that matters the most is the one that is mentioned first. I am a born again Christian who believes wholeheartedly that God sent His only son down to earth to die for my sins. As a result of His mercy and grace, once my time on this Earth is done I get to spend an eternity in the kingdom of heaven worshiping the Creator forever. Hallelujah! Until then, though, God has placed me on this Earth to spread the Gospel and live a life that brings glory to Him by His hand. What better way to do so than to live all of my life with a heart that is saturated with joy for Him? So, dear reader, that is my answer. It is my hope that through the hodgepodge of content on this blog you will be able to see His light shine through it all. Soli Deo Gloria!