The Struggle Bus (Take Two)

My very first blog post ever on The Joyous Life of Jess was entitled The Struggle Bus, and it detailed the five moments that have most defined my learning journey. Although the body of the post contained such stories like me having a competition to lose my first tooth in pre-school, the idea of The Struggle Bus came into play in the introduction and conclusion where I used it as imagery to help explain what learning looked like to me. Thirteen weeks later I have come full circle in the semester by again getting to revisit this concept of mine.

Our assignment was to create a digital story that used a metaphor to describe what learning or teaching felt like to us. I racked my brain for a week trying to come up with something. I first thought I might use sculpting to represent what learning has been like for me. I started as an unshaped blob, but every day since God has been working me into His creation by using the people around me. I liked it, but I wasn’t entirely sold. I then thought about using gardening to describe what my teaching would look like. Each year I would be given charge of a bunch of beautiful, unique flowers and it would be my job to water and feed their minds so that they grow in knowledge. Nah, I thought that one was too cliché. Finally, the day before the video was due, it hit me— I had already created a metaphor! The Struggle Bus.

Once I realized this, I excitedly set to work on creating my very own digital story. I did not have access to a microphone, so I decided to find a website that would allow me to create a presentation-like piece complete with text, pictures, and music. After a bit of Googling and sifting through lists aptly named “Top 10 Websites” I settled on WeVideo. I was super impressed with the ease of use. I had never before created or edited my own video, but I caught on quickly thanks to the friendly setup. While I finished my project in fairly short order, I did have a moment of panic towards the end. With the free account (the one every broke college student would gravitate towards) each user gets up to five minutes of video available to upload each month. My creation just so happened to be 4 minutes and 48 seconds long… so I was sweating it out while I waited to see if it would go through or not. God is good, and it indeed came through! As one can tell from the courtesy link to my video here. All in all, I would definitely use this service again.

If you would like to hop onto The Struggle Bus with me (perhaps for the second time) set aside the next five minutes and check out my video. While the name might sound negative at first, I promise there is a happy ending. As with anything in life, one cannot experience success in learning without going through trials and tribulations. The Struggle Bus captures the dawdling, the work, and the sweet reward… all in one. So all aboard; there is always room for one more. 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Struggle Bus (Take Two)

  1. As always, I can tell your post and your project were well thought out. I love the metaphor of the Struggle Bus and how you make sure to mention there is a happy ending. How do you see this metaphor fitting in with your future classroom and students? How will you use this in teaching?

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    • Thank you, I really appreciate it! I would love to use this metaphor in school to build rapport with students. Everyone is going to struggle with some aspect of learning, and I want my students to know that they are not alone and that their teachers grappled with the same issues. No one has the capability to be perfect all of the time, and I want to let me students know that perfection isn’t the goal, but rather their educational journey is. Great questions!

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