Some Thoughts on the Journey Thus Far…

As of this week, the fall semester of my sophomore year is halfway over. I can hardly believe it. It seems like yesterday I was finishing up my first ever semester of college. It was a Friday morning, and I had just gotten out of my British literature final. I had gone up to my dorm, unplugged all of my appliances, and brought my bags down to load into my car. I shut the trunk and went to slide behind the wheel when I realized that I had locked my keys inside. One hour and fifty bucks later I had hit the icy road home, my mind nervously occupied with the fact that I was getting my wisdom teeth removed the next day.

The last day of classes for 2016 are fast approaching (hopefully it will be a little less eventful this time around) and as I reach the peak before the downhill slope of this semester, I find myself reflecting on what I’ve experienced thus far. The last few months have been a time of many firsts: first year working in college, first year playing band in college, and first time serving as president of a club in college. I’ve also experienced many firsts in this class. Through English 361, I have created my first twitter account and my first blog (I must admit I am much more pleased with the latter). It has been an interesting journey, navigating the new technology I’ve been exposed to. However, I’m very thankful for it. I feel as though everything I have learned up to this point will prove useful in the coming years.

Looking back, I believe that it is important to acknowledge the challenges as well as the triumphs. The most difficult module I’ve tackled so far in this class was the one that dealt with personal learning networks. Seeking and finding one hundred people to follow on twitter relevant to my areas of English education and Christian ministry was harder than I had anticipated, as was searching for active blogs to read. The good news is the reward for putting in the effort to begin cultivating my own personal learning network has been immense. I’ve interacted with people from all over the world who are passionate about the same things I am. The connections I’ve made through this assignment are invaluable, and for that I am grateful. In my eyes, the best module was the very first one of the semester. I believe I found to my liking because it allowed me to have fun. Creating a twitter handle, coming up with a blog name, and designing my blog were all enjoyable activities that allowed me to flex my creative muscles. Both modules have helped me grow as a learner and an educator in different, yet equally important, ways.

In general, I appreciate this class because of the creativity. At this point, I’ve just started the ds106 daily create challenge and am in the midst of my passion project. Moving forward, I’m excited to submerge myself even further into both assignments. I never thought I’d take a class that would allow me to create gifs and proclaim my faith through the written word all in the same day. If I could hope for anything, it is that this class will provide even more guidance of how to utilize these crazy cool tools in my future classroom.

It’s funny how reflection often turns from looking back to looking forward. I’ve learned a lot, yet I am sure I will learn much more by the time it is all said and done. I thank God for His sovereignty, and for putting me on this path. I pray that I can glorify God while taking advantage of all that the next eight weeks have to offer, in school and life both. Even if it means locking my keys in my car again, I know at the end of this semester I will be right where I need to be. Thankfully already without wisdom teeth, and with my head a little fuller. 😀


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